Searching for information about veganism or responses to usual reproaches?

What’s Veganswer about?
This page is designed to establish gradual and widespread reference to veganism.


Who is adressed by Veganswer?
Veganswer adresses all curious people, who are interested in veganism and are searching for well-grounded information and competent answers to their questions.
Furthermore it adresses vegans, who are looking for an immediate answer to any question or counterargument they’ve come across or who want to expend their knowledge about veganism.


Who are we?
We are a variegated group of vegan authors, who work together to combine their actions in a useful way to support the vegan movement, learn from each other and have a lot of fun. Each member is involved in several other projects besides Veganswer. Some of them have their own blogs or Facebook-pages.
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What’s our mutual view?
We understand veganism an ethical inspired, cruelty-free lifestyle. We stand in for the belief that nobody has the right to perform violence against human and non-human animals. We stand against every form of supression and therefore refuse besides speciesims also racism, sexism, homophobia and every other violent ideology.


How do I get informed about new articles?
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